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1 May 2024

As I walked along the Isle of Muck’s only road, north from the ferry terminal, I passed the famous Isle of Muck Tea Room (which I was to patronise later), a small school, a bunkhouse and 24-hour craft shop. The only sounds I heard were from the new born lambs and the cuckoos calling across the island. It was idyllic, like walking on Iona. Soon, as the road came to an end after the small diversion to Cairidh Bay, the majestic beach of Gallanach Bay appeared into view. I had some lunch at the picnic bench and looked across to Rum, Eigg and the mountains of Skye beyond. I poodled around here for some time before heading a little further west to find tiny Shell Bay further round the coast.  The tide was in, so the ‘beach’, notable for its bed of shells, was invisible.  I haven’t included it in the Project for that reason but I have included a few photos below, as well as the bothy which sits alongside. I also had time to explore a little of the southern coast of the island before the return ferry, ending a lovely three hours on this tranquil, unspoilt island.