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1 May 2024

I had been looking forward to my first visit to one of the Small Isles ever since I started the Project, and I was toying with options to visit Rum, Eigg and Muck on this sunny Wednesday. The private Arisaig ferry runs to Eigg (allowing a five hour trip) and then onto Muck (for three hours) so I decided to take the second option, knowing I could explore much of the smallest of the Small Isles in that time. The boat was full, but most passengers got off at Eigg, allowing me time for a short 20-minute stroll before re-boarding. ¬†Only five of us, and a posse of school children from Eigg, made the additional 30-minute crossing to Muck. On arrival, I walked north from Port Mor along the island’s only road towards the beach at Gallanach Bay. ¬†However, just before the road turns towards Gallanach, the small and beautiful beach of Cairidh Bay comes into view. A handy picnic table sits by the road, affording views of the beach and across the water to Rum.