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21 April 2023

The main settlement on Coigach is Achiltibuie on the southern coast but a number of small hamlets are dotted along the single track road, many with their own local beaches.  The furthest east is at Acheninver. A small parking area by the road leads down to the Acheninver Hostel and a few hundred yards further on to a beach of such tranquility it took my breath away.  None of the beaches on this southern coast are spectacular by any means, most are small with a mix of sand and stone, but the views are totally to die for. Across the water lies the Summer Isles, a group of about 20 islands and rocks popular with day visitors during the summer months. The largest of these, Isle Ristol, has a long white sandy beach that can be reached on foot at low tide, but alas that was not to be for me on this trip.  But sitting on tiny Acheninver Beach on this Spring morning, I could tell I was in a for a treat over the next few hours as I made my way up the coast.