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21 April 2023

A path between two bungalows at the end of the road in Reiff leads out onto the wild and rugged cliffs of the Reiff peninsula, which form the north western coast of Coigach. Just 15 minutes into the walk lies the magical secluded beach of Camas Eilean Ghlais. The almost perfect square of golden sand, about the size of half a football pitch, can be seen on the approach from above, and it’s an easy climb down onto the sand. This was the last beach of my three day trip to the north west Highlands, and also the 100th beach of my project, so I spent some time here, sitting on a rock watching oystercatchers work their way serenely across the shoreline and looking out to see towards the Western Isles, where I will be later in the year.  From here, it was time to head back having hardly seen a cloud in the sky for three days and with plenty of memories to last a lifetime.