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2 May 2024

I knew Sanna Bay was the A-list beach of the Ardnamurchan peninsula, sitting proudly at the very western edge of the British mainland, so I was more than excited to be setting off after breakfast at the Kilchoan Hotel. For such a remote beach, the car park is surprisingly large, but I was the first car parked and able to enjoy the beach to myself. It’s a sprawling, expansive bay, peppered with rocks and pools, and flanked by an impressive dune network affording views across the water to the Small Isles. It’s a totally Instagrammable location, and easy to see why it’s so popular. For me, it was also the start of a long hike that would take me south, past more beaches and up to the Ardnamurchan Lighthouse. As I walked across the bay from one end to the other, an otter scuttled in front of me, heading from the dunes to the shore. When I returned, four hours later, a number of families were enjoying time on the beach, relaxing or walking their dogs. It was that kind of day, 22 degrees, clear blue skies and midge free. Just about the best place too be in the world at that time.