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1 May 2024

After returning from a fabulous afternoon on the Isle of Muck, I headed south from Arisaig into the Ardnamurchan peninsula, following the long, single track winding road towards Kilchoan, my base for the next two nights. My first impression of Ardnamurchan was that my mind was about to be blown (it was). It was a beautiful sunny evening, and as I turned west out of the village of Salen to follow the remote southern coast of the peninsula, I was beginning to get excited about stopping at one of Ardnamurchan’s most picturesque beaches, Camas nan Geall. ¬†Sitting below the viewpoint by the B8007, the beach looked an absolute picture from on high. In the car park, a bloke with a pointed beard approached me to say he’d just seen a golden eagle and a sea eagle. ¬†He said he was so excited he had to tell someone and he even offered to show me the photos on his camera to prove it. I said well done and left him alone. As I took the simple track down from the car park, with the lush green fields setting off the beach in all its glory, I looked up to see if Goldie was making an appearance for me but no luck. An information board at the end of the path down explains the archeological significance of the site here, suggesting the area would have been occupied by the Mesolithic people who settled here some 8,500 years ago, and was subsequently the site of an Iron Age burial ground. Here it’s about location, location, location.