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3 September 2021

I stayed the night in Campbeltown before catching the morning ferry from Kennacraig to Islay. Knowing I had to drive past Westport Beach, described as one of the best in Western Scotland, it would have been rude to not allow extra time to walk at least part of this very popular (although empty this morning) stretch of sand. Spanning six miles and backed by the Machrihanish Dunes, walking on this invigorating beach was a fine start to the day.

I made my second trip to Westport as I headed south on my tour of the Kintyre Peninsula in August 2022. This time the weather was better, with blue skies and moody clouds. The beach was busier too, with a few surfers catching the rolling waves. Of note were the dozens of jellyfish washed up the shore on this morning. The photos below are from both visits.