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31 August 2022

One of the lesser visited of the Vatersay beaches, requiring a short walk from the village across fields, but it’s well worth seeking out, if not just because you’re likely to share the beach with the local cattle population. When I arrived, about 20 cows were lined up along the shoreline as if in a queue patiently waiting for something to happen. A few of the calves were taking a paddle. It was a glorious sight, especially from up on the low hills along the back of the beach. I sat for a while watching the ‘queue’ and then headed further around the bay where some of the more adventurous cows (probably boys!) were making their ungainly way across the rocks. I didn’t venture too close onto the beach itself, preferring to keep my distance, but it was wonderful to sit and watch the spectacle from my vantage point. A beautiful beach. There is something special about Vatersay and judging by the amount of comments I received on Twitter from people who had experienced this island, it’s certainly left an indelible mark on many visitors over the years.  Maybe it’s the location, right at the tip of the Western Island chain.  I can’t put my finger on what exactly makes Vatersay so intoxicating, but it certainly casts a spell.