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30 August 2022

As I left Hosta Beach on this warm sunny evening a few lively midges started to appear, following me back to the car and showing a bit of interest in an early dinner. But when I stopped at the Balranald Nature Reserve a few miles down the road, my winged friends had moved on and I was barely bothered by them for the rest of the trip. From the Balranald car park, it’s a short walk to impressive Hougharry Beach, backed by a small campsite and with a few cottages sitting pretty at one end. The white sand and broken shells, framed by the high machair dunes, make this a perfect picture-postcard family beach and a great location for an evening walk. I’m not knowledgable about birds but with its location within the nature reserve, I image a keen twitcher could fill their boots in a place like this.