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13 September 2023

Around 70,000 visitors a year make the trip to see the lighthouse at the Butt of Lewis, the most northerly part of the Outer Hebrides, the start of the Hebridean Way and theĀ Guinness record holder as the windiest place in the UK. But unseen to many, just off the road to the lighthouse, lies the tiny but wonderful Port Stoth, an attractive cove used to bring materials ashore to build the lighthouse in 1862. The concrete landing slope still remains, although the cove is now mainly used by seals and walkers visiting the beaches of Scotland! Flanked by high cliffs on both sides, the view from the beach is dramatic, with deep caves giving it a distinctly Cornish feel from the opposite end of the UK. After visiting the beach I popped up to see the lighthouse and gaze over the edge of the cliff to witness the wild scene below.