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12 September 2023

You know, it’s funny. Every now and again on this project I find a beach that totally takes my breath away. Sometimes in life you come across a place of such awe and beauty, of such visceral energy, you know you are imprinting a lifelong memory into your consciousness. Tràigh Mheilein was one of those places.  Heading out of the rather too-busy Hùisinis, I followed the ancient track along the coast opposite the now-deserted island of Scarp until this magical beach came into view. Bizarrely, this beach is often missed off walking routes to Crabhadail, which is where the path leads, and I wagered that very few of the campers back at Hùisinis had ventured this far. Working my way down to the pristine white beach I had the same feeling I felt when approaching West Beach on Berneray a few miles south. I knew this would be a highlight of my project, no matter how many beaches I eventually visit. I walked the full length, looking over to Scarp just a few hundred yards across the water, and needless to say, I was the only person on the beach. At the far end, I climbed a small grassy hill, looked back in wonder, and followed the coast around the headland to Crabhadail. Special indeed.