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12 September 2023

The third day of my trip opened with beautiful blue skies and patchy white cloud. They were perfect conditions for a marathon walking day exploring the beaches of Harris. I decided to start with what was likely to be the toughest walk – the 5-mile circular walk to Crabhadail from Hùisinis. As anyone who’s been to Hùisinis will know, the 14-mile drive along the singe track B887 is an exhilarating experience in itself. It’s such a beautiful and remote journey, it’s a little disconcerting to arrive at Hùisinis, even at 8.30 in the morning, to find the car park already filling up with motor homes, camper vans and cars.  The Hùisinis Gateway is a custom-made mini-village for visitors with toilets, showers, refreshments and picnic tables. There was even a HM coastguard vehicle parked at the back of the dunes. It was surreal and I have to say, l was eager to get on my walk to get away from the morning activity. As a result, I didn’t spend too long on Hùisinis beach itself, which for some reason was partly taped off (maybe nesting birds or riptides?). On my return, a few hours later, the car park was rammed. People were waiting for my space, but still on my return I passed a dozen vehicles, mostly motorhomes, making their way along the 14-mile road. If you go to Hùisinis on a sunny day, go early!