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1 September 2022

I was almost giddy from the few hours I spent on West Beach, so I stopped off at Berneray Harbour and popped in to the Coral Box gift shop, whose owner, Eilidh, has been telling us about Berneray’s amazing beaches for years via her very popular Twitter feed. It was good to chat to Eilidh and pick up a few gifts before moving on to see East Beach on the other side of this beautiful island. It’s a shame East Beach has such an illustrious neighbour because it really is an impressive beach in its own right. Parking up on the camping area behind the beach, it’s a few steps onto the sand and amazing views across to Harris and Skye. I feel compelled to return to Berneray soon because I sensed a magical presence on this island that needs to be indulged. But for now, it was time to leave, back over the causeway and into North Uist.