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30 October 2022

For the end of October, we had been blessed with superb weather and warm temperatures, but as we parked up just outside Talmine, a few dark grey clouds were gathering overhead. We were a little apprehensive about whether to cross the fields and head down to Skinnet beach in case of rain, but we were so glad to have pressed ahead. What an amazing beach this is. It’s a 15 minute stroll from the road through a rabbit warren and down a hill to the dunes, requiring little effort for a great reward. Largely unseen from the road, Skinnet beach is wide, tranquil and attractive, with superb views of the Rabbit Islands and Eilean Nan Ron (Island of the Seals). I’ve seen plenty of sand dunes, but the dunes of Skinnet beach have a mesmeric quality, seemingly finer and greener than most others along the Scottish coast. Or maybe it was just a trick of the light on this bright Sunday afternoon, now with the sun breaking through and the grey clouds retreating. A stunning beach to walk along and relax on, and a fitting end to our six-beach weekend in beautiful Sutherland.

REVISIT: 27th October 2023

Almost a year to the day after our first visit, Mrs SBP and I jumped at the chance to walk back down to Skinnet beach while spending a few days in Tongue.  This is such a fabulous beach, it is already a firm favourite.  It is so photogenic and atmospheric, especially when the sun is out, as it (mostly) was today.  This time we walked further along the beach than last time. Great to be back!