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20 April 2023

Tucked between the hamlets of Sheigra and Oldmoreshore on the single track road west of Kinlochbervie is Polin, little more than a few holiday cottages but the gateway to another hidden gem of a beach.  A sign on a gate leading to the beach reads ‘Here there be Mermaids’ and you half-think it’s possible when the spectacular beach comes into view. The bench just past the gate must be the most inspired piece of bench positioning in Scotland because the view is to die for. A couple and their daughter were the only ones on the beach when I arrived and I almost felt like apologising to them because this place is so quiet and secluded it really feels like a private beach. I skirted round the family, walked the full perimeter, along the water line and climbed up the hill from one side to the gate.  It was paradise.