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20 April 2023

After the magnificence of Sandwood Bay my senses were in overdrive but I proceeded to double down on the superlatives by driving the few miles along the road to the first of three superb south-facing beaches along the coast west of Kinlochbervie. This nine-mile stretch between the hamlets of Sheigra and Oldmoreshore is a Site of Special Scientific Interest for its dune and machair habitat. It’s a truly stunning area, boasting three wonderful beaches. Furthest west is Sheigra (or Shegra), with plenty of parking by the local cemetery and a short walk to a beautiful cove. The cliffs on either side protect the bay below but also offer wonderful views onto the beach, especially when, like today, the sun was shining and turning the sea turquoise. Anyone who’s ever camped at the local beach campsite will know how special this place is.