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29 March 2022

My trip was coming to an end. I had clocked up 75,000 steps in two days exploring Iona and The Ross of Mull. I was tired and a little sore, but at the same time invigorated and refreshed by the many beaches I had the pleasure to walk on over these two and a bit days of perfect sunshine. It was early evening as I made my way back to my hotel in Craignure, but I wanted to finish my trip where I started – up on the north of this wonderful island. On my first evening, I had sped straight from the ferry to visit Calgary Bay and Black Bay, and I had a brief stopover in Tobermory (of course), but I still wanted to visit Langamull Beach. So back over the exhilerating 15-mile winding single track road I went to Dervaig and I parked up at the Langamull Woods car park. It’s a two-mile walk through what was once a thriving forest but is now a rather depressing deforested no-man’s land, but the beach at the end is where the beauty lies. With a few scattered coves and plenty of rock pools, there is much to offer at this beach, but I wasn’t expecting to find a body lying face down on the white sand. My heart skipped a beat as I approached the lifeless body, especially when I saw someone pop their head up from behind a rock on the far side of the beach. I’ve walked into a murder seen, I thought. But then I saw the long lens camera and a twitch of a leg. It was a birdwatcher, all in black (and not particularly camouflaged against the white sand) lying low to snap one of the many oystercatchers strolling across the beach. The other person was exploring the rock pools nearby. Relieved, I went on my way, and that was it, the end of my memory-filled short trip to the Isles of Mull and Iona. I’ll be back.