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28 March 2022

It was into evening, after a long and arduous day on Iona and the beaches along the western Ross of Mull, that I decided on a short detour to visit Carsaig Beach. The beach itself is wide and rocky, with dark grey sand, scattered fossils and views across to Islay, Colonsay and Jura. But to be honest, it’s the drive to the beach that was notable about this visit. The three mile winding road though a forest and past a waterfall and an iconic red telephone box, was as pleasing as the lovely beach itself. This is another beach I will one day return to as I didn’t have enough time to explore the full bay and the caves I understand lie on the far side.  I wish now I’d stayed another hour to watch the sun go down here. I perhaps would have done so, but there was a family enjoying the beach and I felt like I was intruding. This is a place that deserves some privacy.