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15 May 2023

Facing directly due North as we work around the island of Tiree we get to one of the most impressive beaches I’ve visited in this project. Invisible from the coast road which runs about a mile parallel to the beach, with very little parking options and with no signposting, it’s easy to miss this one. But that would be a travesty for any visitor because this amazing beach, TrĂ igh Chornaig (known locally as The Green) is very special. I walked from the road up a private track leading to a few houses and with cattle on either side of me (the young calves were wandering under the electric wire to annoy their parents). At the top of the road I ducked under the wire to head across the fields and there in front of me was an incredible wide and deep beach with rolling waves, white sand and high dunes. It ticked all the boxes. I climbed down onto the sand and wandered along the shore before climbing the dunes to return via the field. I so loved this beach.