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15 May 2023

As we move clockwise around Tiree we come to the dramatic west coast beaches, starting in the south west corner at remote Tràigh nan Gilean (Beach of the Jaws). Not signposted and with few parking opportunities, this is as deserted as you can get on Tiree. I parked on a corner near the settlement of Middleton and followed a path through some gates for about 20 minutes to reach the beach. It’s a great walk in itself, although I was nervously looking around for cows due to the number of unaccompanied calves around me. Eventually, to my left, this lovely beach opens up through the high dunes, with crashing waves adding to the drama. This was such a beautiful spot.  I headed down to the water’s edge, nosed around some rock pools and sat back up on the dunes for a while to watch the action. Amazing.