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6 September 2021

After the beauty of Saligo Bay, I figured I had reach peak wonder on Islay, but more was to come. Another 30 minutes up a long single track road we reach the beautiful Sanaigmore Bay. With plenty of parking by a small monument and even with its own cafe almost hidden in among a complex of deserted barns, this bay is a popular spot for locals and visitors alike. A stunning beach of golden sand, craggy rocks and hidden inlets, this is a place to lose yourself and just relax. It even has a perfect 4G signal! By now, the blisters on my feet were hurting due to the 120,000 steps I’d clocked up over the last four days, so I decided this was the perfect place to call it a day. There were more beaches on Islay I had hoped to visit but they can wait for another day. For now, having visited 14 beaches on Islay, Colonsay and Jura, I had enough memories to last a lifetime.