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3 September 2021

A short walk from Claggain Bay is beautiful Ardtalla Beach. This isn’t a beach you just stumble across and it’s not in many of the guide books, but hidden just round the headland from Claggain Bay, it’s even more stunning than its near neighbour. Leaving the far end of of Claggain Bay you follow a farm track, through a gate and to a wall before turning right, across the field and down onto the beach. Easier said than done in the summer when 60-odd nervous cows, including mothers and calves, are starting to make a move on you! The beach is well worth it though. Crystal white sand, blue green water, majestic rock formations, hidden pools and sheltered trees. It has it all. One of the cows (one of the less aggressive ones) even made an appearance for a paddle when I was there.