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5 August 2022

I stayed over at the Gigha Hotel (seriously impressive food) and although we had plenty of overnight rain, it was looking pretty good when I left at 7.30 to walk the 40 minutes to Cuddyport Beach in the south of the island. A right turn at the popular Achamore Gardens and up a track (past nervous cows) lies this stunning little bay, almost too perfectly idyllic to be true. Actually I took a wrong track and ended up a few bays along, requiring a scramble round the headland, but it all added to the delight when this wonderful beach came into view. It was a moment for reflection. Here I was, sitting on a rock, on a beautiful deserted beach, looking out at a perfectly calm ocean with blue skies overhead and the sound of gentle waves and the calls of the oyster catchers on the sand. I was so glad I decided to do this project! I returned the way I should’ve arrived, via a clear path from the back of the beach, and past the confused calves to the main road.